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Suburban Whitetail Management of North Georgia
Georgia Hunters for the Hungry
Hunting/Harvest Reports
Hunting/Harvest reports can now be submitted over the web! Just click on the "Harvest Report" button on the navigation
bar above, fill in the requested data and hit "Submit".  Yes, it's that easy.   

Hunting/Harvest reports must be submitted by the end of the day each Monday for the previous week during the hunting
  • The Hunting/Harvest report tells us who is spending quality time in the woods.
  • The Hunting/Harvest report tells us where the deer are being harvested.
  • A report is provided to the property owners each Wednesday so it is necessary for us to receive the reports
    no later then Monday to allow time to compile the data.

Keep a digital camera with you and photograph all game taken with it. You must provide us a photographic record of
every deer.
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On SWMNGA managed properties you are limited to 10 anterless deer and 1 antlered deer (airports may be an
exception).  So choose your buck wisely!  There has been more then one member that had to sit and watch a nice buck
walk by during the rut because he harvested a little basket rack early in the season.  
Harvest Limitations
Equipment Requirements
Safety is first and foremost in everything we do, without exception. Tree-stand safety and shot safety being of
paramount importance.

  • A four-point (full body) safety harness is required on all SWMNGA managed properties.  
  • Tree stands must be TMA certified.  No homemade tree-stands of any kind, please.  Everything you use must be
    factory built, and backed by the Tree-stand Manufacturers’ Association of America. Our insurance demands it.
    We demand it.
  • Broadheads - Fixed blade broad-heads are required with the exception of any mechanical broadhead available
    through our many SWM Prostaffs.  Please be certain that your broad-heads are sharp. That means that a
    stretched rubber band between two fingers will POP the second you create contact with the edge of your broad-
    head blade. If they do not pop the rubber band they are not sharp enough to hunt with.
  • Longbows, recurve bows, and compound bows only.  Crossbows are not permitted.
In a change from the past, rather than bringing in a whole field-dressed deer to donate, hunters are asked to donate a
portion (“a pack”) of their processed deer.   Hunters are welcome to give as many processed “packs” as they can
provide. For those that can’t donate a pack, the program welcomes dollar donations to help support the efforts
(donate at All hunters who donate during this collection period will be entered into a drawing for a deer
rifle, sponsored by the Georgia Wildlife Federation.