Becoming a Member
Suburban Whitetail Management of North Georgia
Membership Benefits

As an SWMNGA member, you will have the opportunity to improve the image of bowhunters with the general
public. You'll enjoy the opportunity to participate in a sport you love while serving your local community. You'll
receive periodic newsletters, flyers, and emails informing you of upcoming meetings, events, etc. Possible access
and restricted use of public property may be possible. There are no guarantees that such access will be granted,

Membership Criteria

SWMNGA uses a stringent qualification procedure intended to select hunters who are safety conscious,
proficient, ethical, discreet, respectful of landowners and their property, and sensitive to the fact that adjoining
property owners may object to hunting.
All hunters applying for membership with SWMNGA must have prior experience harvesting at least five big game
animals with bow and arrow in addition to the following:
  • You must be at least 25 years old.
  • You must complete and return an application for membership providing a hunting history supported by
    references, vehicle registration, and other necessary data.  
  • All hunters must provide evidence of the successful completion of a state sponsored hunter safety course
    if said course is required for them to hunt by the state of Georgia. Then each hunter must successfully
    pass the NBEF/ International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) safety course.  Go to the www.nbef-ga.
    org website for a listing of dates and locations. This is a one day, intensive class covering ethics, shot
    placement, responsibility, treestand safety, and much more. You must pre-register and the cost is $25.
  • All hunters must register for and take a shooting proficiency test.  Three out of four broadhead arrows
    (open-ups prohibited) in a six inch circle at twenty yards, from an elevated position. This test demonstrates
    your shooting skills with actual hunting equipment.
  • Interview with the Committee. This interview will cover your general knowledge of hunting, ethics, how you
    will react in hypothetical situations, and other issues of interest to the Committee.  This will be followed by a
    vote where your request for membership will be accepted, deferred, or declined.
  • Pay annual dues, currently $200 dollars for regular membership.  Collected after all other qualifications
    are completed.
  • Sign a liability waiver agreement prior to each new season.

Reports of unsafe, unethical, and all improper activities are solicited from cooperating landowners, game
wardens, and biologists. The evaluation committee will continually re-evaluate hunters and take any disciplinary
action necessary up to and including the loss of membership.
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